Verify that the exterior brickmould, trim board or casing (exterior trim) is firmly attached to the opening structure and is a material that is suitable to sufficiently fasten the retractable insect screen to the door opening. The performance of the retractable insect screen could be effected over time if it is not sufficiently fastened to the opening.

To install the retractable insect screen door, you must verify that the opening width, height and mounting surface are of a suitable size to properly install it into the opening.

  1. Measure the width at the top (W1), middle (W2), and bottom (W3) of the opening (see Figure 1). Measure from the inside of the exterior trim. Utilizing the narrowest width, reference chart below.

  2. Measure the height at the center of the opening, from the bottom of the exterior trim at the top of opening down to the sill at the bottom of opening. Reference the installation guide for height compliance:
    Single Door
    Installation Guide 
    Double Door
    Installation Guide

  3. Make sure that the exterior trim meets the mounting surface requirements to accommodate the retractable insect screen assembly (see Figure 2). The assembly needs 3/4" flat surface on exterior trim face and 3/4" minimum depth of mounting surface.



If the Door Sill doesn’t extend past the Mounting Surface or doesn’t have sufficient support, product damage, injury or both may occur.

  • If the Door Sill extends past your exterior trim Mounting Surface and is supported, no modification is required (see Figure 3a).
  • If the Door Sill is not extended or supported (see Figure 3b), you will need to add support blocking. See Installation Guide for additional details.